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Starcrawler - Starcrawler (LP)

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What do you get when you combine elements of the Cramps, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and The Runaways? You get STARCRAWLER.

STARCRAWLER are a Los Angeles rock band who formed in 2015 when 18-year-old lead vocalist Arrow de Wilde first met guitarist Henri Cash at their Echo Park high school. Shortly thereafter they were joined by the rhythm section of Austin Smith (drums) and Tim Franco (bass).

The foursome play with squalling riffs and thundering beats, and their incendiary live shows, fronted by de Wilde’s otherworldly magnetism, are truly captivating. Geoff Travis, founder of Rough Trade, explains the label’s love for the band: “If you thought rock and roll was moribund, had lost its sense of fun and performance and primal power – it just means you haven’t seen Starcrawler yet.”

After signing to Rough Trade earlier this year, they quickly released their debut single “Ants”, which caught the ear of Elton John who played the track on his Beats 1 ra-dio show. Soon after, they were on the cover of LA Weekly – their hometown paper. The headline was “With Fake Blood and Frenetic Songs, Starcrawler make rock feel dangerous again”. In the article, Arrow describes that “bands are boring nowadays” and that “there’s no mystery”. That helps explain a little bit of why their shows have become the stuff of legend. They were also hand-picked to play the CalJam Festival in LA by curator Dave Grohl.

Their soon-to-be-announced full-length debut album will be released by Rough Trade in early 2018 and was recorded by Ryan Adams on analog tape at his Pax-Am Studio. Ryan’s love for them and his excitement about the forthcoming album has been well documented in his many posts about them from the studio.... “This starcrawler record is gonna peel the paint off your brain”.... “Starcrawler are so fucking insanely good. Soon they will rule this galaxy.” Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance has also fallen in love with the band and turned a ton of his fans onto them. He said “Losing my GD mind over this band Starcrawler. A blend of almost all of my favorite stuff but completely new. Super refreshing to see this mix of 70’s theatricality and Stooges electricity.”

The new album sees them perfect their own take on “classic” rock the and 10 songs contained on it prove that yes, they ARE making rock and roll exciting again!


Love's Gone Again

I Love LA

Different Angles

Chicken Woman

Pussy Tower

Full Of Pride

Let Her Be


What I Want