Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence) - Lord Steppington Instrumentals (2xLP)


Evidence has traveled the world, released a string of acclaimed albums with Dilated Peoples and as a solo artist, has become a respected producer crafting beats for Kanye West, Beastie Boys and Linkin Park among others. For his part, Alchemist has become one of rap’s triple threats, producing for Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Nas and many more.

Alchemist is also an accomplished rapper and Eminem’s touring DJ. While they were building their respective careers, Evidence and Alchemist had worked together regularly collaborating on Dilated Peoples albums, Evidence’s solo material and Alchemist’s releases.

As the pair continued collaborating, they began labeling themselves as Step Brothers when they would record, as noted on Evidence’s The Layover EP. The pair then decided it was time to record an album together.

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