Texas Scratch League

Texas Scratch League - Louie Needles and the Search for the Secret Snare Drum (Breaks LP - Colored Vinyl)


Texas Scratch League’s first 12” release! Louie Needles is on another adventure to find the most obscure and rarest sounds. This record is full of hard and classic boom bap kicks and crunchy snares, sick vocals and battle sounds. Perfect for beat juggling and scratch drumming. This record also features original production by some Texas’ dopest up and coming producers.

The Intro

The Snare Dare Challenge

The Boom Bap Juggles

The 6 Bar Sidewinder Switch Up

The Jungle Chant

The Machete Cutty

“Heartache” - Bounz

“One More To Come” - Gonz

“The Way I Feel” - Dopez

“Beauty” - Alfa Leone

“Made You” - Kosuri