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Tredici Bacci - La Fine Del Futuro (LP + Download Card)

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NNA Tapes is ecstatic to present La Fine Del Futuro, the brand new full-length album from the dynamic orchestral pop ensemble Tredici Bacci, directed by maniacal composer, arranger, musician and bandleader Simon Hanes. Since their NNA debut EP The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta in 2014, up through the monumental 2016 long-player Amore Per Tutti, we have witnessed Tredici Bacci grow from a musical homage to an obsession (60s/70s Italian soundtrack music), into the fully mature and one-of-a-kind band that it is today. La Fine Del Futuro continues to refine Hanes eclectic vision of orchestral splendor, presenting eleven new tracks of original compositions, reimagined classics, and collaborative arrangements that prove to listeners that the timeless formula of pen, sheet music, and talented musicianship can not only withstand the test of time, but can also detach itself from the stodgy pretension of academia, creating a universally fun and exciting music for anyone to enjoy.

Titoli Di Testa

In The 1970s




Felicity Grows

The Calvary

Promises, Promises



The Liberty Belle