Enjoy The Ride

V/A - Ace Ventura: Pet Detective - Original Soundtrack (LP - Blue Vinyl)


Blue vinyl limited to 500 copies. Housed in an upgraded 400gsm cardstock gatefold jacket featuring original artwork by Steven Wild. Each copy comes complete with an official pet detective license and exclusive Ray Finkle trading card.

Enjoy The Ride in conjunction with Enjoy The Toons are proud to announce the first ever vinyl & digital soundtrack release from the 1994 cult classic film, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Steve Stevens - Power Of Suggestion

Ira Newborn - All Ace's

Robert John - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Ira Newborn - Psychoville/Ace Race

Lalo Schifrin - Mission: Impossible

Ira Newborn - Ace Of Hearts

Ira Newborn - Warehouse

Ira Newborn - Finkle And Einhorn

Ira Newborn - Ace In The Hole

Tone Loc - Ace Is In The House