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V/A - The Beginning Of The End: The Existential Psychodrama In Country Music (1956-1974) (2xLP - Colored Vinyl)


Exclusive Record Store Day 2018 release

Deluxe Gatefold LPs with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia! Full dynamic range 2018 remasters direct from the first generation analogue master tapes!

Limited to 500 LPs – 250 (randomly inserted) Apocalypse Orange / 250 (randomly inserted) Collapse Black LPs

From the people who brought you ‘Hillbillies In Hell’…

16 timeless tales of existential angst wrought from backwoods ballads and anguished urbane odes. Plaintive fiddles, furtive banjos and lonesome voices soundtrack a bleak vista of endless, eternal questions and unquenchable wanderlusts.

Apocalyptic laments, harrowing self-examinations, faltering ids, devastated inebriates and tortured misfits. Many originally waxed on private press labels and distributed in tiny amounts, these troubled but marginalised troubadours sing of collapsing egos and stygian landscapes of molten self-doubt.

Years in the making – ‘The Beginning Of The End’ presents existential howls and Freudian diatribes from broken preachers and disrupted transgressives. All for your bewildered listening pleasure.

Whitey Gallagher - Searching (I'm Always Looking)

Bobby Grove - Whistle Of The Gravy Train

Jimmy Griggs - The Beginning Of The End

Ed Bruce - Puzzles

Ray Sanders - My World Is Upside Down

Jim Ed Brown - The Enemy

Johnny Darrell - Jimmy Jacob

Mel Tillis - Survival Of The Fittest

Sammi Smith - Saunders Ferry Lane

Curly Putman - Talking To The Grass

Clay Hart - Free

Lonnie Holt - Water Under The Bridge

Johnny Dollar - Meeting Of The Bored

Johnny Collier - Nobody Touches Me

Bob Fry - I'm Gonna Be Gone