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Madlib - Medicine Show #1: Before The Verdict (LP)

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Before The Verdict is a full 17-track hip-hop album with original tracks and “the OJ Simpson remixes” featuring Guilty Simpson. Consider it a prelude to Madlib & Guilty’s collab OJ Simpson. There are two brief guest appearances by MED and J Dilla, in a short, previously unreleased interlude dating back to his & Madlib’s first collaboration. 

Arraignment (Intro)

Ode to the Ghetto (OJ Simpson Remix)

Yikes (OJ Simpson Remix)


Lucky Guy

Pigs (OJ Simpson Remix)

Life Goes By

Get Bitches (OJ Simpson Remix)

The Exclusive

Robbery (OJ Simpson Remix)

Kill 'Em (OJ Simpson Remix)

The Paper

I Must Love You (OJ Simpson Remix)

Looking For Trouble

Young Guns- Featuring J Dilla

My Moment (OJ Simpson Remix)

American Dream & Future (OJ Simpson Remix)