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Lando Chill - Black Ego (CD)

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Lando Chill makes music which is classified as hip-hop, but isn't tethered to a single genre; encompassing elements of funk, gospel, jazz, indie rock, psychedelic, and folk. Lance Washington was born and raised in Chicago, but moved to Arizona to attend college. His debut full-length For Mark, Your Son arrived on Mello Music Group in 2016. The album was an intense self-examination inspired by the loss of the rapper's father, who died of a heart attack when Washington was four years old. Lando Chill's second album, The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind, appeared in 2017 and was named #26 on Bandcamp Daily's 100 Best Albums of the Year. The album was influenced by Paulo Coelho's book The Alchemist, and contained a more abstract, experimental sound than his prior releases. Since 2016, Lando Chill has teamed with multi-instrumentalist and producer The Lasso, resulting in a singular sound only possible through a true symbiosis of vocalist and producer. Once again, the duo has taken a leap forward with Lando Chill’s upcoming release, Black Ego; a collection of songs that is equal parts west coast funk and desert trip-hop, threaded together by Lando's bold vision. Black Ego is slated for a fall 2018 release on Mello Music Group.

"Black Ego is pride bruised by centuries of chattel bondage that engulfed mind, body & heart; pain etched by force within the souls that pass down generational trauma through blood & song; and joy manifested from forgiveness built by the lengthy leash held fast by our worn, black & brown hands, fastened to the collar around the neck of your transgressions; past, present, and future. This record is a journey through the black experience, hindered not by what blackness should or should not be, but what it can, will, and has always been; beyond the perception of self and sphere of influence that is intermingled with misconceptions of black masculinity, sexuality, & brutality, and the minstrel face of cultural appropriation. Paul Mooney said it best, ‘everybody wanna be a nigga, but nobody wanna be a nigga."


- Lando Chill   

Ego Vanish (feat. The Lasso)

Clypped (feat. MotorKam)


Peso (feat. Quelle Chris & REY)

Dah Vapor (feat. Swansuit)



Koolaide (feat. Psychic Twin)

All My Life (feat. PSYPIRITUAL, Maya Vera & The Lasso)

Buss It Til It Fit

Free Pack

From The Hip

Love Cold (feat. Swansuit)