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Sean Born - Behind The Scale (LP)

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A gritty 90's style album for those who grew up on Illmatic, Midnight Marauders, Only Built for Cuban Links, Moment of Truth, and Ready to Die. Behind The Scale shows the other side of what some are glamorizing about street life and drug trade. This is unfiltered, real sh*t on tape. Some of the stories are intensely personal and Sean second-guessed including them, but if it ain't raw it ain't real. Behind The Scale is about change, transition and growing up.

Grandeur (prod. Kev Brown)

Queen Anne (prod. Kenwood)

Go Hard (prod. Kev Brown)

Murdaland (prod. Kev Brown)

Skeez (prod. Kev Brown)

Pluck Em Off (prod. Oddisee)

The Quartermaine (prod. Quartermaine)

DrugsAlcoholSex feat. Kaimbr (prod. Dunc)

Honor feat. Dev Duff (prod. Kev Brown)

Lights On (prod. Kenwood)

Bullshit feat. Hassaan Mackey (prod. Kev Brown)

Take It & Run (prod. Kev Brown)

Pour Out Liquor (prod. Kev Brown)