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Jefferson 'n Chillow - Muddy Grounds (CD)

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For the second chapter of the series, Chillow collaborated with Soul singer Jeffrey Jefferson who is been a friend for over a decade. Chillow his Hip-hop background and Jefferson his Smooth voice and jazzy chords seem to match perfectly together, have a listen and take the tour. Jeffrey and Chillow go way back. They knew each other since they were kids. Jefferson (who already featured in the 1st part of the ['n Chillow series] named the “Reap 'n Chillow” The duo connected cause they shared the same passion for music. Since they shared the same passion they started working together. In the meantime Jefferson started a Band named Soul rock avenue where he started experimenting with his singing. This concept was perfect to put together a live band and since Jefferson is from Belgium it was easier to do a lot of live performances around Belgium. With the band they brought a whole new presentation of what the neo-soul album contains.

Intro ft. Reap

Muddy Grounds ft. Reap


Quicksand ft. Peter Lesage & Le Tagarel

Eurocent ft. Flip Kowlier & Walter Ego

Night Fall ft. Internal Quest


Keep on ft. Reap

Dedication ft. El da sensei & John Robinson

Where I belong

Think Twice