Shaun Martin - 7 Summers (CD)


Seven years ago, Shaun began a project of his own. A story of his life, a contribution to the world of music from his eyes (and ears). In demand by many, Shaun took his time with the album as the story expanded to include a wider range of experience. And so, we present to you 7 Summers - a big chapter in the history of the great Shaun Martin. Seven Years. Seven Summers. Seven Seven.

7 Summers is an album that was clearly well thought out; a refreshing feel in today’s world of instant production.  

“I’d say that 7 Summers is a chronicle of growth in character and perspective. As I grew over the last seven years, I experienced so much and I wanted to translate that through the music and lyrics....” -Shaun Martin 


One Big Party

The Yellow Jacket


Have Your Chance At Love (ft. Nikki Ross)

Love, Don’t Let Me Down (ft. Claudia Melton)

Long Gone (ft. Adrian Hulet and Mark Letierri)

The Torrent

Madiba Monologue


All In A Days’ Work (ft. Geno Young)

Closing Credits (A Requiem For Carolyn)