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mmph - Dear God (EP - 12" Vinyl)

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Classically trained since childhood, Sae Han first came to Boston to study Cello performance at Berklee College of Music before turning his concentration towards Electronic Production & Design and starting his project as mmph. Dear God marks a turning point in the rapid evolution of this young producer, a merging of his classical training, sophisticated composition, and unique sound design. Han’s ability to conjure a seemingly contradictory series of influences into bespoken universes places him alongside sonic puzzle makers like Oneohtrix Point Never, Nicolas Jaar, Arca and Caribou.

The 5-song EP is guided musically by introspection and personal experience, a multi-faceted landscape filled with tragedy and dread. Opening with “Sun God” and into “Facade,” mmph paints a purgatory-esque desert wherein an insurmountable pressure creates an infinite feeling of desolation. The EP shifts with the wind chimes and ASMR vocal samplings on “Past Lives” into a blissed pool of remnant memories, drowning the listeners in nostalgia, eventually freeing them from the seemingly endlessness experienced at Dear God’s opening.

Sun God


Part Lives