Track List

Intro (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa)

Bomb MC (feat. DJ Iron)

Hardcore Rap Music (feat. DJ Iron)

Why? (feat. Internal Quest)

Food For Thought (feat. Reap & DJ SNS)

Don't Sleep (feat. Jeffrey Jefferson)

Barz 'n Hooks (feat. John Robinson)

Mind Control (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq & DJ Grazzhoppa)

Mic Professionals (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa)

We Bring It Live (feat. John Robinson & Jeffrey Jefferson)

Let Em Know (feat. El Gant & DJ Grazzhoppa)

We Bring It Live RMX (feat. John Robinson, J. Jefferson & Stahhr)

El Da Sensei & Chillow - We Bring It Live (LP - Red Vinyl)
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Record Label: Catharsis Productions

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Release Date: 2/23/18
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Red vinyl, limited to 300 copies

For the 3th album of the ['n Chillow series] , Chillow collaborated with one third of the legendary hiphop group "Artifacts". El Da Sensei is an American rapper from Newark, New Jersey. Since Artifacts during the 90's, "El da sensei" has released several solo albums to critical acclaim. Right now he finished working on a new album with Belgium producer/dj/beatmaker Chillow. This album is the closing chapter of the ['n Chillow series]

El Da Sesnei and Chillow already worked together in the past for the EP "Art of Raw" on the underground urban label "Earquake" The song they did was titled "Bomb Mc" and can be found on vinyl and on bandcamp. They connected and worked on something bigger.