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Friend Of My Youth - Telling (LP)

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Release Date: 07/19/2019

Telling is about processing and reprocessing memory and trauma and weird feelings over and over until the point of feeling like an alien around everyone you know. It's also about being obsessed with science fiction and alternate timelines.Many of the songs came out of the idea that maybe we have to repeat harmful and unhealthy cycles forever without even realizing what we're doing, across generations, or maybe we dont?

Andy McCumber and Indiana Laub started Friend of My Youth for the first time in Santa Barbara, CA in late 2013 and played our first show on New Year's Eve. With Laub moving in six months, the band played a bunch of shows and made a tape as fast as possible. Laub moved to Corvallis, OR that summer and the band was supposed to be dead but two years later, the pair decided to start playing again despite the 900 mile distance. After another couple years of flying back and forth to play shows and write songs in borrowed practice spaces, and the addition of Spencer Burnette-McGrath on bass the band recorded Telling in their living room.

Soft Sci-Fi




Graduation Card

Tourist Town

Dark Charizard



Half Home