Track List

Honey Hush

Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)

Sweet Love On My Mind

Rock Billy Boogie

Lonesome Tears In My Eyes

All By Myself

The Train Kept-A-Rollin'

I Just Found Out

Your Baby Blue Eyes

Chains Of Love

I Love You So

Drinking Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee, Drinking Wine

Johnny Burnette - Johnny Burnette And The Rock 'n Roll Trio (LP)
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Record Label: 8th Records

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Release Date: 2/1/19
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As rock n' roll began to take root in 1950s America,
equally popular was the subgenre of rockabilly, which
blended the burgeoning genre with country/western
and bluegrass, rendering a distinctly Southern take
on rock n' roll music. This was the style of music
which spawned legendary figures like Elvis Presley,
Buddy Holly, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Rockabilly also
had its share of obscurities, such as Johnny Burnette,
a highly influential figure who never reached the level
of commercial success as Presley, Holly, or Lewis,
but remains deeply vital to rock n' roll's development
through the songs he composed.
Over the years, Johnny Burnette's songs would be
covered and remade by the likes of The Beatles, The
Stray Cats, The Cramps, and innumerable others,
and render major hits for 60s teen idol Ricky Nelson
and country/western star Buck Owens. Before
striking it big as a songwriter, Burnette attempted
success of his own with his band The Rock N' Roll
Trio, even cutting an eponymous album with brother
Dorsey Burnette on bass, and Paul Burlison on guitar.
Though the Rock N' Roll Trio would disband in 1957,
the album would go on to be highly innovative,
featuring songs that would become staples of
rockabilly, like "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes" and
"Train Kept A-Rollin." It even featured one of the
earliest instances of fuzz distortion on a recorded
session, the result of an amp malfunction which
proved incredibly popular in live performances.