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Miriam Makeba - The World Of Miriam Makeba (LP)

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Release Date: 5/10/19
Down At Dawn present a reissue of The World Of Miriam Makeba, originally released in 1963. The brilliant South African singer Miriam Makeba first found international recognition after being "discovered" in America by the wonderful Harry Belafonte who inspired her move to NYC and championed her talent to anyone who would listen. A subsequent recording contract began her half-century long career of international stardom. Combining Afro-pop with jazz and western pop music influences, Makeba created a sound that was uniquely her own and inspired generations of singers to come. A life-long, anti-apartheid activist and humanitarian, Makeba is recognized around the globe as being one of the most important singers of the middle-20th-century. With conducting assistance from the legendary South African trumpeter, Hugh Masekela, this is Makeba's third album, originally released in 1963, and a stunning example of her modern Afro-pop sound.

The Retreat Song (Jikele Maweni)


The Click Song



Lakutshn, Ilanga


The Naughty Little Flea

Where Does It Lead?


House Of The Rising Sun


One More Dance - Charles Coleman

Iya Guduza


Forbidden Games

Pole Mze

Little Boy


Vamos Chamar Ovento



Wonders And Things

Tonados De Media Noche (Song At Midnight)

Into Yam

Where Can I Go?