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Pauline Oliveros - Crone Music (CD)

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Release Date: 5/10/19
2019 repress on CD; 1990 release. Commissioned by Mabou Mines, the experimental theater group from New York, for their interpretation of King LearPauline Oliveros's Crone Music is a subtle and haunting electronic music endeavor. Interfacing an abundance of digital delay processors, reverb effects, and foot pedals to bend pitches from piercing to twisted, sonorous tones, with her one-of-a-kind expanded accordion, Oliveros produces rich, eerie textures. Personnel: Pauline Oliveros -solo accordion; Panaiotis - processing and mixing.

The Fool's Circle

A Woman Sees How the World Goes With No Eyes

Reason In Madness Mixed

This Great Fool's Stage

Let It Be So

Let Me Be Not Mad

Lear On the Road