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Tindersticks - No Treasure But Hope (Limited Edition Clear Vinyl LP)

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Release Date: 11/15/2019

Three years since their last album proper, singer Stuart Staples decided Tindersticksreturn called for something special and No Treasure but Hope, is very much that!Rich in intuitive warmth, lush melodies and an inquisitive spirit, its an album that casts a fresh light on Tinderstickscore qualities, bathed in the glow of a band intent on rediscovering what they can do. Expanding the horizon without losing the focus, No Treasure but Hope manages tocollect some of the bands most immediate work in one outsstanding album.

This will be the bands twelfth record, the earliest Tindersticks release being in 1991. Over the course of the bands rich history, Staples has found a voice in film composition as well. This includes a soundtrack to Claire Denisscience-fiction film High Life (2019), which features vocals from actor Robert Pattinson.