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Ancient Shapes - A Flower That Wouldn't Bloom (LP)

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'A Flower That Wouldn't Bloom' is the third offering from Daniel Romano's flower pop super group 'Ancient Shapes'. It is the perfect amalgamation of two recording sessions that took place almost a year apart'' in essence this is the greatest hits compilation of those sessions. Ancient Shapes have been called 'the best band since computers' and also 'incredibly good as hell'. Inside this heated material you will find such subjects as sadness, happiness, loneliness, togetherness, longing, acceptance, colonial guilt complexes and home town optimism. There was the first one, and everyone seemed to like that, and the second one people liked too' this is the third one. Odds are good.

Separation Anxiety

Piss Coloured Glasses

A Flower That Wouldn’t Bloom

Glass Curtain


Welland 2020

To Be Touched

Chinese Leather

Albatross Blues

Dirty Little Hands

All The Kids

Reconcilliation Nation Now

Loose Ends