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!!! - Wallop (2xLP - Green/Pink Vinyl)

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Limited Green & Pink Color Vinyl

Doesnt it seem like everyones freaking out lately? !!! know the feeling well. The NYC dance-punk lifers have been chronicling the perpetual meltdown that is American society for nearly 20 years now, from the clattering full-band thrust of their instantly iconic 2003 single Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard (A True Story) to the dark disco of 2017s wonderfully eclectic Shake the Shudder. Their eighth full-length, Wallop, follows in the bands grand tradition of plugging straight into our collective nervous system and sending funky, rubbery shock waves through the body politic. If youve found yourself rubbing your temples while contemplating the collapse of everything around us? Well, !!! are bringing the soundtrack to your next nervous breakdown.

Let It Change U

Couldn’t Have Known

Off The Grid

In The Grid

Serbia Drums

My Fault

Slow Motion

Slo Mo

$50 Million


Rhythm Of The Gravity

UR Paranoid

This Is The Door

This Is The Dub