Fink - Bloom Innocent (LP)

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Release Date: 10/25/2019
Fink is UK-born, Berlin-based founding singer-songwriter/musician Fin Greenall, alongside bandmates Tim Thornton (drums, guitar) and Guy Whittaker (bass)
There are a lot of natural references on the album. Some of the main themes surrounding the songs and album consist of exploring new horizons and breaking out from a place of inertia.
Fink has again collaborated with pioneering producer Flood (PJ Harvey, U2, Foals, Warpaint, The Killers) as they did on their sixth studio album, 'Resurgam' (2017).
The album references a lot of themes regarding nature
The artwork is by RT Vrieze (Knorth Studios) who has previously worked with Bon Iver

Bloom Innocent

We Watch The Stars

Once You Get A Taste

Out Loud

That’s How I See You Now

I Just Want A Yes

Rocking Chair

My Love’s Already There