Pixies - Beneath the Eyrie (LP - Colored Vinyl - Indie Exclusive)

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Release Date: 09/13/2019
Pixies have been acclaimed as the most influential band of the late 80s alt/rock movement, having blazed the trail for artists from Nirvana to Radiohead. Today, a whole new generation of music fans is discovering the band's iconic “loud quiet loud” signature sound. Visceral, musically cinematic, otherworldly but strangely familiar and a bit unsettling, welcome to Pixies' brand-new studio album, Beneath the Eyrie, where tales of witches, DanielBoone, misfits and other characters fit utterly into the band's inherent weirdness. Boasting 12 new songs, the album will be released globally on Friday, September 13 via the group's new record label, Infectious/BMG, available in a wide variety of physical packages.

In The Arms Of Mrs. Mark Of Cain

On Graveyard Hill

Catfish Kill

This Is My Fate

Ready For Love

Silver Bullet

Long Rider

Los Surfers Muertos

St. Nazaire

Bird Of Prey

Daniel Boone

Death Horizon