Various Artists - Men Of The Moment (1960s Pop Gems Written by Roger Greenaway & Roger Cook) (CD)

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Release Date: 09/13/2019
Men Of The Moment: 1960s Pop Gems Written By Roger Greenaway & Roger Cook is a hand-selected compilation highlighting rarities and lesser known compositions from the early years of one of England's most celebrated writing teams. Focusing on items recorded between1964-1969, the disc is comprised almost entirely of items that have never been digitally reissued before! Features artists such as Bobby Shafto, Glen Dale, One And One, Dorian Gray and many more! Contains a 20 page full-colour booklet with liner notes, annotations and striking artwork.

The Slade Brothers – What A Crazy Life

David & Jonathan – Oh My Word

The Cats – Sure He’s A Cat (Lovin’ Like You Wouldn’t Believe)

Bobby Shafto – A Little Like You

Glen Dale – I’ve Got You On My Mind

One And One – I’ll Give You Lovin’

John Summers – Be Sure

Arnie Corrado – Little Sunshine

Pat Wayne – The Night Is Over

Jason Dene – It’s Me

Bobby Rio – Value For Love

Dorian Gray – Love Is All It Should Be

Jon Britten – Once I Had A Dream

Frankie Calen – Too Good To Be True

Ches Bonetrees – Everybody Oughta Meet My Baby

The Cats – Far Beyond The Call Of Duty

Stevie Lewis – Heard It All Before

Freddie Ryder – Man of The Moment

Seth Martin – What A Lovely Way To Spend Forever

Mark Richardson – See It My Way

Buddy England – Loving You Has Made My Life Worthwhile

Shel Naylor – It's Gonna Happen Soon

The Grads – Everything In The Garden

The Kytes – I’ll Give You Better Love

Marc Reid – The Magic Book

The Young Brothers – I’ve Always Wanted Love

David & Jonathan – Remember What You Said

Bobby Shafto – See Me Cry

Glen Dale – Now I See You, Now I Don’t

One And One – It’s Me

The Gaylords – You Know It Too

The Cats – Turn Around And Start Again