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Nicholas Carras - High School Caesar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP - Red Vinyl + DVD)

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Release Date: 08/23/2019
Bongo jazz stylings and reprehensible ruffians! The true starring role in High School Caesar  is the dark and tense compositions, and wild, bongo-driven percussion of the Nicholas Carras score! Another specimen from the glorious power triad of Modern Harmonic, Something Weird Video, and the Nicholas Carras estate. Caesar  joins Mr. Peters' Pets and Date Bait as part of the Nicholas Carras Soundtrack Collection created from the vast collection of reels the estate preserved. All make their first LP soundtrack debut and all come from the Carras reels through Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and onto colored vinyl at Third Man Pressing. This soundtrack collects three rare, blistering rockers featured in the film, and delinquent lines of dialog from the harrowing tale along with the prime cuts of the score. This deluxe package includes a zine-style insert and a DVD of the outrageous original film, with a special Modern Harmonic edit made to sync with your LP!

High School Caesar - Reggie Perkins

Main Title

Caesar's Tribute

Dirty Politics

Rockabilly Hop

Rockabilly Hop (Jubilant Version)

Wagon Draggin'

I Fell For Your Line Baby - Johnny Faire

Sack Time

Car Radio

Over The Side

Blue Mood

Lookin' Waitin' Searchin' Hopin' - Reggie Olson

Teen Blues

Night Stuff

Bar 19

Wanda's Blues

Loveless Lover

Night Chase

Night School

Night Light

Bongo Birthday Surprise

Bongo Aftermath

End Title