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Outkast - Idlewild: Original Soundtrack (2xLP)

Stars of the HBO film Idlewild, Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton-the dynamic, multi-platinum, Grammy-winning duo who comprise the group OutKast-have unleashed another album that is bound to revolutionize mainstream music. Their colorful songs, "Mighty O", "Morris Brown", and "Idlewild Blue" will have you listening and dancing for hours. 2 LP edition.


Mighty "O"


Idlewild Blue (Don't Chu Worry 'Bout Me)

Infatuation (Interlude)


Morris Brown


The Train

Life Is Like A Musical

No Bootleg DVDs (Interlude)

Hollywood Divorce

Zora (Interlude)

Call The Law

Bamboo & Cross (Interlude)


Makes No Sense At All

In Your Dreams

PJ & Rooster

Mutron Angel

Greatest Show On Earth

You're Beautiful (Interlude)

When I Look In Your Eyes

Dyin' To Love

A Bad Note