Stones Throw

Jonti - Tokorats (2xLP)


Originating in a New York apartment and completed in a garage in suburban Sydney; Jonti’s new album Tokorats is out on Stones Throw Records on 3rd November 2017.

Following on from 2012 releases Twirligig and Sine & Moon, Tokorats is a psychedelic, harmony-rich dream-hop journey. Recording for the album began in 2013, and four years and up to 100 versions of each song later, Jonti is finally ready to invite you into his Tokorats universe.

Lotus Street


Sleeping and Falling

Island Rose feat Sampa the Great

Misto On the Moon


Isle of the Dead



Staring Window

Animah feat Hodgy & Midnight Mutants

Love Prayer

Maria Mapulane Thibiri

Papaya Brothers

Meese Man