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The Koreatown Oddity - Finna Be Past Tense (LP + Download Card)

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He is Dominique Purdy, born and raised in Koreatown, Los Angeles. His first hip-hop influence was his own mother, who made jewelry and hung tight with Ice T, the Rhyme Syndicate, and Grandmaster Caz.

“I remember Caz showing my mom how to freestyle on cassette, just fucking around. He was basically saying have fun with it, say something that comes from right where ever you are.”

Purdy moved from corner to corner through Koreatown his whole life, drawing, writing, and developing his own brand of experimental hip-hop, fused with comedy, and impromptu performance. He wrote and starred in the independent feature Driving White Black (2016). As The Koreatown Oddity, rocking a wolf mask he bought back in high school for 70 bucks, he’s been doing shows anywhere and everywhere, whether he’s invited or not: L.A.’s The Laugh Factory, Wendy’s, and Greyhound Stations.

Finna Be Past Tense is his first album with Stones Throw, following a long line of independently released cassettes. Finna Be Past Tense was produced entirely by Vex Ruffin, who met the MC after one of his public stunts. The album – also featuring Joyce Wrice, Black Moses, Tron7Seize, DJ Lala, DJ Luman – is based around a loose concept of Koreatown Oddity reckoning with life, death, and the passage of time.

Finna Be Past Tense cover art by Oscar Ayala.

Land Before Time

Fuck Dinosaurs

The feat. Swift

Yesterday’s News

Mood Of The Grind

A Break From The Drama Of Life Dunk at the Wet T-Shirt Contest

Don’t Say 2 or 1 feat. Black Moses

Spinning Axis feat. Tron7Seize

Depressed But Hopeful

Meditative Thought

Regret Is Useless

Technology After Time feat. Joyce Wrice