Sunflower Soul Records

Instant Karma! - Give Me Freedom b/w Shine On (Digital)


Self-described as "A drug trip through the soul section of your local record store", Kansas City's psychedelic soul rockers Instant Karma have appropriately teamed up with Sunflower Soul Records to release their first vinyl single.

The A-side, “Give Me Freedom”, is a powerful social statement driven by a heavy drum beat throughout and chocked full of reverb-drenched guitars, spacey tape-echos, double-tracked lead vocals, and a trippy sitar breakdown.

On the flip, the gospel-tinged “Shine On” delivers an uplifting message while showcasing a bit more tender side of the band with luscious vocal harmonies and a feel-good groove.

A solid first outing for a talented young band with their own unique sound, ready to make their mark on your soul and your collection!