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DJ Rob Swift & The Real DMT - Halls of Karma (Digital)


RELEASE DATE 05/14/2021

Halls of Karma by Rob Swift and The Real DMT is a playful yet profound nod to the human experience in 2021. With techno-culture becoming inseparable from modern life, DMT’s lyrics toy with themes from our absorption in meme culture to clickbait. Swift states, "Although a lot of the music people consider Hip Hop today glorifies materialism, this body of work aims to offset that narrative with one that challenges the status quo.”

The music in Hall of Karma is quintessentially Hip Hop. As a reflection of the dynamism of the genre, the beats range from high octane and rebellious to seductive and trance-like. The production style combines staple Hip Hop drums with expertly selected samples that perfectly complement the tone of the lyrics. In short, Hip Hop fans will be blessed with a five song EP that packs the punch of a full length album.

The lead single, “ClickBait” discusses the illusion of social media, unpacking the traps we fall into when we enter cyberspace. While tracks like “Look at the Kitty” comment on our inattention to major current events in the real world due to society's fascination with cat videos in the virtual world. Rob and DMT's music prompt their listeners to take a critical look at how we interact with the internet, each other and the greater cultures that have arisen from the human adoption of social technologies. Halls of Karma is a rebellious and disruptive musical journey by Rob Swift and The Real DMT that challenges our perceptions about everyday life.

DMT caps it off by saying "We want the content in Halls Of Karma to stand for something and we're thankful to have this opportunity to creatively disseminate information that's important for everyone to hear!" Halls Of Karma is available now through all digital retailers and streaming platforms courtesy of Fat Beats Records