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Snow Palms - Everything Ascending (12")

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Less than a year after the release of sophomore album Origin and Echo, Snow Palms return with a powerful two-track EP almost 18 minutes of music in total. A-side 'Everything Ascending' sees Snow Palms mainstay David Sheppard's signature pulsing electronics and crystalline glockenspiels augmented by the production, keyboard and compositional skills of Matt Gooderson (Infadels), the vigorous, rhythmic clarinets of Christian Forshaw (Michael Nyman Band, Icebreaker) and the soaring vocal flights of Megan Gooderson. Over ten minutes in length, this is an undulating, inexorably unfurling odyssey, oscillating seamlessly between passages of mesmeric electronic rhythm, choral-enhanced minimalism and gorgeous, gamelan-like ambience. While there may be echoes of Four Tet, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Midori Takada's Mkwaju Ensemble along the way, ultimately 'Everything Ascending' proffers a uniquely rapturous sonic realm that is pure Snow Palms, predicated, according to Sheppard, on the idea of 'pushing on - striving for optimistic, sunlit uplands, even as the world around us seems to be turning darker. AA-side 'Circling', meanwhile, is a bold orchestral reimagining of one of the highlights from Origin and Echo. The work of fellow Village Green artist and renowned film music arranger/orchestrator Matt Dunkley (Inception, Black Swan, Iron Man), this is a brilliant repositioning of Snow Palms' music in the emotion-soaked cinematic idiom, the original's rich melodic palette and powerful rhythmic undertows beautifully reworked for elaborately layered, potently arranged strings.

Everything Ascending

Circling (Arrangement for string quartet by Matt Dunkley)