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Buck Gooter - Finer Thorns (EP + Download Card)

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Finer Thorns is the Buck Gooter's 18th album in 14 years, and second for independent Philadelphia label Ramp Local. The band has managed to gain the recognition of underground luminaries like Henry Rollins, and have toured in both the United States and Europe with A Place To Bury Strangers, Guerilla Toss, and ONO - their live shows are possibly even more energetic than their breakneck recordings. Finer Thorns is their most refined record, but by no means should refined be confused with gentle. In some ways, Finer Thorns is a protest album, musing on the environment, violence, resource allocation, and colonialism - spoiler alert: they're not into colonialism. Spend a few minutes talking to Buck Gooter, and you're liable to be shocked and inspired. In the bands 14 years, Buck Gooter's been a subcultural force, but following their first LP on Ramp Local, 100 Bells, Buck Gooter's finally started to crest their head out of their underground hole.

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Finer Thorns

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