Barnyard Crew

DJ Xist & Spinobi - Barnyard Breaks (7" - Scratch Record)

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A compilation of Skipless Scratch Samples at 100 and 133 bpm compiled by the Barnyard crew collectively, Xist, Spinobi, Defcon, Cali Los, Logic, Clever DJ.

Arranged by DJ A1 of (Skiratcha Breaks)

Gallo Fino Loop

Barnyard Mixshow – Break

To the Beat Y’all

Ahhh – Oww – Fresh

On the Cut – Bark – Wah

Do It – Break Yo Self Foo

Stab – Video Game Bell – Drop It

Look Cut Yourself

Bring It to You Live – Turn the Bass Up

Work the Fader – Ahhh

•Mixing Records – What •Get It – Hey •Do It – on the Track – Get Back Sucka Hipskioloop