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El Dusty - Cumbia City (LP)


• Vinyl version of “Cumbia City” from Latin Grammy nominated artist El Dusty
• 2 vinyl set includes 14 tracks: Cumbia Anthem, Loquita Loca, Kanto Negro, La Cumbia and many more
• El Dusty has performed art EDC Mexico 2016, EDC Las Vegas 2016, SXSW 2015 & 2016
• El Dusty’s aesthetic is an effortless rendering of his palette for old school sounds thanks to growing up in a home soundtracked by Tejano anthems, Chicano soul music, classic rock, ‘70s Latin soul

Cumbia Anthem [feat. Happy Colors]

We Out Chea [feat. MLKMN & Happy Colors

Lo Que Quiero [feat. Asdru & J. Patron

Sacúdete El Polvo [feat. Los Master Plus

Loquita Loca [feat. Master Blaster Sound System

Que Te Amo [feat. Los Chinchillos Del Caribe

Mi Chola [feat. Cut Chemist]

La Chusa [feat. Camilo Lara & Toy Selectah]

Kanto Negro [feat. Jah Fabio]

En La Mar [feat. MC Peligro]

La Cumbia [feat. Boogat]

Quemadita [feat. Master Blaster Sound System]

Trapanera [feat. Erick Rincón]

TLC [feat. DJ Blass]