Kassa Overall

Kassa Overall - Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz (LP)

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In the words of the New York Times, “Kassa Overall’s new album — the irreverently titled 'Go Get Ice Cream and Listen to Jazz' — attests to the diverse musical identity of this drummer, producer and rapper. It’s one of the few genuine-sounding, full-scope amalgams of contemporary hip-hop and jazz to surface in recent years."" Go Get Ice Cream And Listen To Jazz is a window into the life of Overall – a Seattle born, Brooklyn based artist wrestling with the abhorrent American prison system, over prescription of pharmaceuticals, ebbs and flows of romantic relationships, and perils of trust all minced through a kaleidoscopic lens of a brilliant 21st Century composer. The storied intermingling of jazz and hip-hop are decades in the making, and Overall’s cross-genre mix is evidence of a musical revolution existing in the mind of a master musician. A drummer at heart, Overall’s depiction of new music is conceptualized through his versatility as a producer with an unruly passion for electronic-production and the use of laptops and samplers.

The Sky Diver (feat. Mike King)

La Casa Azul (feat. Roy Hargrove)

Mark Sampson (feat. Carlos Overall)

My Friend (feat. Arto Lindsay)

Prison And Pharmaceuticals

What's New With You

Who's On The Playlist (feat. Judi Jackson)

Do You (feat. Theo Croker)

When Will They Learn Remix (feat. Carmen Lundy)

Mark Sampson (extended Mix)(feat. Carlos Overall)