Lukah ‎– Chickenwire (LP)

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Lukah raps his ass off over minimal soul wrenching loops. Heavy southern spittage without the veil of bombast production. (PTP) 

Lukah’s delivery is well-enunciated and confident, with quip after quip sliding off of his silver tongue over a half-hour of hook-less verses, as fluid and loose as backseat freestyles. “Bounce,” according to DJ Squeeky, is a necessary component of the Memphis rap sound, which by now has come to be acknowledged as the precursor to many of hip-hop’s hottest trends. Chickenwire contains no bounce. Some tracks betray their R&B samples in clipped slivers, but most are wordless, tangled loops. This tape is the sort of thing you can play all the way through while puffing a backwoods on a porch in the sweltering, humid heat, but the MC never fails to remind you: don’t let your guard down. (Tiny Mixtapes) 

Chickenwire, Lukah’s 17-track LP, is an outlier within rap today. His hardnosed, outside-voice cadence plays well over hallucinogenic soul, provided in large part by Cities Aviv, a fellow Memphis outsider. Lukah’s hunger on wax is both evident and enticing. (Bodye)

Black Powder (Produced by LUKAH)

Shooter (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Sheermagix (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Scars (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Part 2 (Produced by LUKAH)

Power Supply (Produced by LUKAH)

Had A Choice featuring CITIES AVIV (Produced by SUNI KATZ)

Fire Voice (Produced by LUKAH)

Bridge featuring SUNI KATZ (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Ash (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Stimuli (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Trial (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Sap (Produced by SUNI KATZ)

Dream Delay (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

MSG (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Roundtable (Produced by CITIES AVIV)

Part 1 featuring LIL KEET (Produced by LUKAH)