Young Heavy Souls/Ghostly International

Mux Mool - Skulltaste (2xLP)

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Skulltaste is Mux Mool’s eclectic, sprawling debut LP, released originally on Ghostly International and Moodgadget in 2010. Now, almost a decade after its original release, the album makes its vinyl premiere via Detroit’s YHS Records. “While Skulltaste falls under hip-hop jurisdiction if you go by Bambaataa rules, it definitely stretches way the hell out, branching into ambient downtempo, glossy disco, and neon electro.” [Pitchfork] 

This 2XLP pressing includes the original 15-song track list as well as 5 previously digital-exclusive tracks, packaged with the stunning “tron-goes-metal” [Pitchfork] artwork printed on a wide-spine jacket.

Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom

Hog Knuckle



Breakfast Enthusiast


Get Better John

Wax Rose Saturday

Death 9000

False Worship

1st and 4th

Wolf Tone Symphony

SFW Porn


Morning Strut

No Black Crayon

Air Justins

Stay Calm


Lady Linda