Nick Speed

Nick Speed - D-Cyphered (2xLP)


The D-Cyphered hour-long audio mix is now available on vinyl in this specially priced double album by Detroit’s premier DJ and producer Nick Speed.

Inspired by the DIA exhibition D-Cyphered: Portraits by Jenny Risher the album features more than sixty of Detroit's elite emcees, many whose portraits can be found in the exhibition.

All songs produced and arranged by Nick Speed for Nix Productions.

Mixed and mastered by Nick Speed and Mike Wyatt at Fire4Hire Studios.

D-Cyphered artwork by Sheefy McFly. Artwork is silk-screened by hand!

D-Cyphered Intro (feat. Blue Raspberry)

About the $$$ (feat. Phat Kat)

Whip (feat. Trplblk)

Cold Blooded 2 (feat. Ty Farris & K-Deezy)

Here (feat. Mr. Wrong)

Assertive (feat. Kash the Kushman & J-Kid)

The Institute (feat. Seven the General, Racehorses Are Resourses & Xiao Dong Wei)

Livin' n tha City (feat. Souldeacon)

Ya Heard (feat. 87, Miz Korona & ComedianCP)

At Times (feat. Marv Won, Doc Illingsworth & Racehorses Are Resources)

Gutta Gutta (feat. Dopehead)


Food (feat. One Be Lo)

D-Cyphered (feat. Supa Emcee & Alexis Allon)

We'll Get by (feat. Elzhi)

Let Me Get 'em (feat. Ro Spit & T. Calmese)

Gangsta (feat. Obie Trice & Shim-E-Bango)

Shook (feat. 87)

Champ (feat. Marv Won)

Freestyle (feat. Count Mack)

What U About (feat. Danny Brown, 87 & Big Tone)

Graveyard Shift (feat. Chavis Chandler)

On Mars (feat. Hostyle, J-Kid & Mad Mike Banks)

From Detroit (feat. Payroll & Kdi)

What's My Name (feat. Hush)

First Name, Last Name (feat. Moe Dirdee & J-Kid)

Detroit City Blues (feat. Bizarre)

Grateful (feat. Stretch Money)

U Can Tell (feat. La Peace & Bread Scott)

Big Top (feat. Fatt Father, DJ Oreeyo & Racehorses Are Resourses)

Good Times (feat. Finale & Neco Redd)

Kingdom (feat. Fat Ray)

Clean (feat. Lola Damone)

Stay Winning (feat. Big Herk & Kdi)

New Nasty Remix (feat. Neisha Neshae, Pierre Anthony, Dusty McFly & Valid)

The Moment (feat. Cashout Calhoun & Mersiless Amir)

Detroit Be Crazier (feat. Electrifying Mojo & Motsi Ski)

Sim Simma (feat. Boldy James & Chip$)

D I a (feat. Detroit Che)