Dynamite Cuts

Roy Budd (feat. The Three Degrees) - Diamonds (Soundtrack) (2x7'' - Import)

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Dynamite Cuts gives you an AMAZING FILM SCORE set of 7'' gems. All first time on 45, loaded with Choon, breaks, sample.
DIAMONDS - Recorded 1976 Samples & breaks and a wonderful vocal theme by The Three Degrees. This score is pound for pound load with the funkiest breaks. Now for the first time Dynamite cuts making a 2x7'' 45 collections of some of the Gems

A MUST HAVE 45 rpm 2x7'' SET of KILLER GEMS Format: 2X45 vinyl release with full-color sleeve VINYL: x 500 only very limited

A Diamonds Theme (Main Title Edit) 2:53
B1 The Thief 2:03
B2 The Diamond Fortress 2:15
C Thief on the Prowl 2:00
D1 I Think I'm Being Followed 2:40
D2 A Handful of Gems (Edit) 1:30