Rush - Hemispheres (3xLP)

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Housed in a slipcase with two gatefold jackets, this 3, 180-g LP features the 2015 album remaster along with previously unreleased and newly restored bonus content consisting of the band’s 1979 Pinkpop festival performance. Also includes a 24-page booklet with unreleased photos and new artwork by Hugh Syme, a 5,700 word essay by Rob Bowman, and a digital download card sticker of new 40th anniversary art by Hughe Syme.


  1. Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
  2. Prelude 
  3. Apollo (Bringer Of Wisdom) 
  4. Dionysus (Bringer Of Love) 
  5. Armageddon (The Battle Of Heart And Mind) 
  6. Cygnus (Bringer Of Balance) 
  7. The Sphere (A Kind Of Dream) 
  8. Circumstances
  9. The Trees
  10. La Villa Strangiato
  11. Buenos Nochas, Mein Froinds! 
  12. To Sleep, Perchance To Dream... 
  13. Strangiato Theme 
  14. A Lerxst In Wonderland 
  15. Monsters! 
  16. The Ghost Of The Aragon 
  17. Danforth And Pape 
  18. The Waltz Of The Shreves 
  19. Never Turn Your Back On A Monster 
  20. Monsters! (Reprise) 
  21. Strangiato Theme (Reprise) 
  22. A Farewell To Things