Sergio Mendes - Dance Moderno (LP - Magenta Vinyl)


Magenta colour vinyl for RSD 2019. Limited pressing of 500 copies.

Originally released in 1961. Sergio Mendes began his career as a serious jazz and classical pianist, at the same time working with Antonio Carlos Jobim' s circle during the very earliest stirrings of Bossa Nova, the music which was soon to seduce the world! Soon established as the go-to collaborator for US jazz greats touring Brazil, he became firmly part of their world and milleu, signing to Atlantic as a solo. in a few brave and, yes, experimental steps making his way to the conquest of the pop world Brazil ' 66.Perhaps his very first steps in that direction were this album, Dance Moderno in which he takes all his understandings of the freedom of Modern Jazz and combines it with a Bossa Nova derived lighter, dancier, almost poppier feel, which was to serve him so well as Bossa Nova and later he himself exploded into the mainstream.An album full of super dance grooves, and the flavours of both jazz and carnival, standards and brand new Bossa sounds, it' s simply a must-have! A vital moment in history, and an irresistible groove too....it' s a win/win!


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