Steve Lacy - Apollo XXI (LP)

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2019 release, the debut solo album from Steve Lacy, best known as the guitarist of space-soul band The Internet. At the ripe age of 20, the Grammy-nominated Compton native already has a veteran's resume; he was Wired Magazine's Tech Visionary, Time Magazine's Most Influential Teen, produced-written-featured with Solange, J Cole, Vampire Weekend, Blood Orange and produced some of Kendrick Lamar's Damn on his iPhone. He's also toured the world with his band mates The Internet, given a TED Talk, worked extensively with Louis Vuitton on behalf of Virgil Abloh (including walking at the LV Paris Fashion Week show) and now releases his debut album on his own terms.

Only If

Like Me


Basement Jack


Lay Me Down

Hate CD

In Lust We Trust

Love 2 Fast

Amandla's Interlude

N Side

Outro Freestyle/4Ever