(iN)Sect Records

A Better Tomorrow - Actin’ Kinda Loco (Digital)

Artwork by Glory Gold & Glitter
Heat by A Better Tomorrow

David Escamilla, Jr. aka Diamond Dave aka A Better Tomorrow has been a staple with our label for the last 8 years. He handles the mastering duties for all of our releases now and is a wonderful guy. This LPonCS, “Actin’ Kinda Loco” finds him back on his love of Diamond Dave, SADE, Colors and all things 90’s in LA. By far one of our favorite releases of the year. This is what a beat tape should be, for the heads and the MCs.

Here’s a word form the artist:

“I’m 41.
I was Born in Long Beach CA .
I just call the west coast home. My family moved often because my dad was in the Marines so I was raised in different military communities.

My creative roots are in Seaside CA...drawing, poetry and listening to the Dr. Demento radio show.
I’ve been destroying sounds DIY since about 1992 making pause tapes.
My first real hardware I learned was the Akai MPC 2000. I didn’t find my wings until the software era & started messing with Soundforge and Acid. Then I discovered Reason and Recycle.
I still use Reason today as my primary production tool.
This is my fifth solo release and sixth overall project where I’ve produced all the tracks.

This album includes sounds, moods and a bit of story telling, critique, and pressure released from my own mind in my own style.

Wouldn’t happen without meeting Butcher Bear for lunch at Enchiladas y Mas.”