Cold Busted

Akshin Alizadeh - Street Bangerz Vol. 8 (CD)

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We are back again with the defining funky and soulful downtempo beat series Street Bangerz , welcoming in Volume 8 with a body of work by Akshin Alizadeh, the man from Azerbaijan. Taking his cue from his native country, this album sits at a crossroad between East and West incorporating the producer’s strong funk and nu jazz influences as well as his ability to combine funky groves with punchy hip-hop beats. Expect exotic flutes, sidewinding strings, and hypnotic horns accompanied by groovy guitar riffs and slick percussion from hi-hats, snares, claps, and sometimes castanets. Vocal chops and scratching accent select cuts. Like a set of sensational spices, this release is certain to leave a lasting trail of sweet aromatic memories in its wake.

Pebbles On My Road

Once Upon A Time

In All Respects

Yiddish Love

Southern Man

Estrella De Plata

Inner Struggle

Widow Jones

La Venganza

Occupy The World

Trouble Child

Lost Generation

A Lil Bit Of Truth