Track List

Candy May

Country Figs

Runnin’ Outta Luck

Stranger’s Kiss (Duet With Angel Olsen)

True Lies


The Chihuahua

The Hacienda

Marlon Brando

Politics Of Love

Alex Cameron - Forced Witness (Cassette)
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Record Label: Secretly Canadian

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Album features guest appearances by Brandon Flowers (The Killers), Angel Olsen, and Weyes Blood.

Up until 2014 I was an investigator's assistant in a public law office. I can't tell you exactly what my job was on account of I signed a shut your mouth agreement around the time I quit for stress related reasons. But what I can say is that I dealt with corruption and badness perpetrated at the highest levels of authority, daily. I clocked all these leads and I made a file. Because these aren't things you keep in the dark. You shine a light on the badness and you strive to understand it.

From a dossier on all things delicate and beautiful and sadly human. Crimes of passion and victims of love. All contained in 10 hot songs. Who's the culprit? I've got my inklings and you can get your own. But first you need to listen to the thing, take it all in, stick photos to your walls and connect them with string, measure footprints in the yard, wear a suit made of reeds, track the migration patterns of birds, intercept whispered transmissions, learn to eat spiders with a hunting knife, sleep in air ducts, make the case.

Here it is, my album: Forced Witness.

- Alex Cameron