Angels Dust - Musings (CD)


ANGELS DUST is producer Psychopop & singer Flavia. In June 2015 HIT+RUN released their mesmerizing debut EP ‘Slow Tapes’ [HNR48], six moody songs swathed in grainy reverb and dense production. Critics praised Angels Dust’s hazy sound & haunting vocal stylings, bracketing their psychedelic dream pop alongside Portishead, Broadcast, Mazzy Star & Beach House.

In Summer 2015, four vocal tracks were passed to select producers (Dntel, Elusive, Tenshun, Esgar, Coto, Mystery Cave, Walter Gross, Giovanni Marks, Citizen Ten, Sinking Swimmer, Graveline, Gato & Chitlins) to reinterpret in their own method.

The consequence of these inspired individuals is ‘Musings’ [HNR59] a 16-song compilation album featuring eleven remixes, four unreleased songs and a rare live track.

Available on limited-edition slimline CD [containing the BONUS Music Video for “Funeral” Directed by Thomas McMahon], Cassette tape [featuring BONUS Track “Funeral’ (CHITLINS)] and digital downloads worldwide. Only 100 of each made!

Slow Tapes (Esgar)

Funeral (Coto)

Haunted (Graveline)


Shiverslow (Walter Gross)

Holy War

Slow Tapes (Mystery Cave)

Haunted (Elusive)

Funeral (Tenshun)

Iron Maiden

Yo Voy A Morir

Shivers (Citizen Ten)

Slow Tapes (Giovanni Marks)

Beating Of My Heart (Live)

Haunted (Sinking Swimmer)

Slow Tapes (Dntel)