Anu Sun - Sanguine Regum (CD)

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Anu Sun aka Anu The Giant works closely with Robert Glasper: first on the acclaimed Black Radio Project, and further on the Miles Ahead soundtrack and the recent Johnny Cash release Forver Words, where he and Robert wrote the music to a Cash poem Going Going Gone. After three years of work he is ready to release Sanguine Regum, self described as a genre merging album that is 'progressive adult contemporary - the maturation of Hip-Hop and jazz ‘ The album has a distinct solo-political slant with a positive outcome, celebrating the accomplishments of Black artists in today’s world. The title means ‘Blood Of Kings’, and the album features guests Robert Glasper, Casey Benjamin, Alex Han, Maurice Brown, Tone Whitfield, and many more.


Sanguine Regum

KAEPtain AmeriKKKa

No Sun

SONset Reprise

The Martyr

WINever The Son Comes

Afro Blue

Vice Grip

Where Did We Go Wrong


Hit Me Back

You're A Star