Track List

Time To Meet Your God

Feels Like Heaven

Death Patrol

Santa's In The Closet

Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

Time To Live

Another Weekend

I Wanna Be Young

Bubblegum Dreams

Dreamdate Narcissist

Kitchen Witch

Do Yourself A Favor

Acting (feat. Dam Funk)

Revenge of the Iceman (Digital Bonus)

Ariel Pink - Dedicated To Bobby Jameson (LP + Download Card)
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Record Label: Mexican Summer

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Los Angeles's prodigal songwriting son Ariel Pink shares his eleventh studio album, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson, September 15. The album's title makes a direct and heartfelt reference to a real-life L.A. musician, long presumed dead, who resurfaced online in 2007 after 35 reclusive years to pen his autobiography and tragic life story in a series of blogs and YouTube tirades. ''His book and life resonated with me to such a degree,'' Pink states. ''That I felt a need to dedicate my latest record to him.''