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Aurra x Dâm-Funk - Somebody (2x7" Gatefold)

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"Somebody" is the first single from the new Aurra album 'Body Rock' due out Fall 2014.

Once again the world gets to experience a lost modern funk masterpiece providing another glimpse into the genius minds of Slave founding-member Steve Washington & Brides Of Funkenstein / P-Funk singer Sheila Horne Brody. Body Rock will be the second and final unearthing of the lost but found Master Tapes for the Aurra album originally recorded for Quincy Jones' Qwest record label in 1984.

The 24-track master tapes were transferred digitally and then mixed on an SSL board by Kamal Humphrey at his all-analog Flying Carpet Studios in Los Angeles. The result is a full sound enhanced by the natural analog process using today's digital technology only when needed to clean up the files.

DaM-FunK adds a bit of dirt and grime by putting his signature Re-Freak on the track. A confirmation from Los Angeles' Ambassador of Boogie Funk that this is in fact the un-cut funk and nothing but the funk.

Aurra - 'Somebody'

Aurra - 'Somebody (Dam-Funk Re-Freak)'