Track List

Born Bozos

Atomic Bars

Apex Predator Blades

Twins (feat. Hogon Plus)

Nation Of Nazi Sympathizers

Surrounded By War Mongers

What A Brother Know?

World Of Boom Bap

Strange Things



Dr. Botanist

Ayatollah & Drasar Monumental - Box Cutter Brothers 4 (LP)
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Record Label: Vendetta Vinyl

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Vendetta Vinyl presents with “Box Cutter Brothers Volume 4” the next chapter in this series by Ayatollah & Drasar Monumental.

Instead of strictly rocking instrumentals like the first three releases, they both decided to get in the booth and go for broke. Yeah, both of them rhyme, produce, and DJ! “Box Cutter Brothers Volume 4” is truly a highly explosive piece of artwork. No frills, no tinker bell beats, no copping pleas, no bozo bars – Just serious wreck by two serious brothers!!