Azealia Banks - 1991 (EP - 12" Vinyl)


Interscope/Polydor present the debut exended play release from the fast-rising 20-year-old Harlem rapper/singer Azealia Banks. Entitled 1991 in honor of the year of her birth, the 4-track effort features the preceding hit lead single "212," its follow-up "Liquorice" and is rounded out by the new cuts "1991" and "Van Vogue."

“What’s fresh about Banks is how she combines audacious charisma with lyrical naughtiness and genre hopscotching,” said Interview while V Magazine observed: “Her rapid-fire, crystalline raps are astounding in their elasticity, punctuated with clever puns, one-liners, and taunting, confrontational raunch.”

Spin called “212” a “dizzyingly addictive throwdown” while W noted: “When she’s not spewing taunts, she’s singing with all the depth and prowess of an R&B star.”

“‘212’ works because its popcraft and its shock tactics are each other's Trojan horses, concentrate on one and the other sneaks up on you,” exclaimed Pitchfork. “But the more you dig into the song, the more you can hear details and decisions that suggest a scary degree of pop talent."



212 (feat. Lazy Jay)

Van Vogue